23 thoughts on “View on Poker – Phil Hellmuth suffers a bad beat as he loses on the river

  1. Ferguason makes it 7x out of position pre flop with 29 when he’s likely to Cbet roughly half pot on any board and take down the exact same amount……

  2. It’s called sarcasm, look it up in a dictionary. Just giving an impression of Phil if someone called him with an ace high and Phil lost. Phil is a great poker player but a terrible loser.

  3. r u fuckin retarded he had like 3.5-1 odds u fold fold an A heads up with those odds? if so i wanna play u lol

  4. baldarus1 you see that he had the straight ? and that @ headsup
    whos the donk now……

  5. he does in the extended video. You see, this is a copy of a much better video, and ViewonPoker is a fucking faggot cocksucker for stealing this video from me!

  6. I don’t think Hellmuth has ever said anything bad about Fergussen – you don’t see him throw a tantrum against certain pros (Phil Ivey, Fegussen, Gus Hansen, Howard Lederer) – the ones who don’t tend to say much in play.

  7. like you wouldn’t have made that all in? what would you do after such a buttrape rivercard? I think it’s a totally normal all-in, and reaction. You should be asking why Jesus called, cause he obviously was the underdog in that hand…

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