25 thoughts on “View on Poker – Daniel Negreanu beats Phil Hellmuth on High Stakes Poker

  1. shiek: how much does jack’s seat cost?
    bus: two thousand?
    shiek: each game?
    gabe kaplan: no, for the season sean


  2. Daniel plays it so well, his physical emotion at this table during this hand is amazing, wonder if hellmuth read into it

  3. to all the guys here sayin: “negreanu > hellmuth”
    negreanu is down more than a million on HSP and PAD… while hellmuth won PAD twice and has an overall profit on HSP
    and (but not really much of a big deal since hellmuth is older) hellmuth has 11 bracelets… while daniel has 4

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  6. @TheAcehighFlush Negreanu has the world record for the most money earned in tournaments. Phil Ivey comes in a close second.

    Hellmuth is old news.

  7. oh, haven’t seen that, I knew he was a jerk, but I didn’t know he is a jerk with everyone. I mean, I’ve seen him get angry when “inferior” players beat him, but when it comes to Negreanu or Ivey he tries to stay cool..but now I see that he is a douche always.

  8. @BballStarr3 dude… it obvious you haven’t seen the complete video… go and check it out…… “watch?v=VWho0FSEEKQ&feature=related” ….. and you will see ,Phil will always be the same F**k Ahole

  9. @00StangGT00 In some cases yes, in others no
    Negreanu might be better in cash games, but Hellmuth has a better tournament record in No Limit Hold’em events.

  10. wow it makes me sick sometimes when i watch hands like these, this kind of money is like nothing to these poker players and yet that one hand could like buy a house…….still daniel is my hero 😀

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  12. Full_Tilt_Poker_accepts_USA_players_for_real_money_deposits_and_when_you_sign_up_with-Referral_Code:FTUS600_you_get_a_600$_bonus

  13. @rapideyeproductions Look at this televised games like wrestling. Not that they are fixed I don’t mean that but they show only some hands and only call people to provide some entertainment(and pretty much tell them to monkey around)-Helmuth,Matusow,Negreanu ,laak etc always make a table funny. I’m watching The Big Game on pokerstars and Hellmuth is pretty good when playing seriously and not trolling.

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