25 thoughts on “Tony G eliminates Phill Hellmuth from Poker After Dark

  1. @ 1:45- Tony G: That’s good, that’s good, you got me. Phil H: Ace-Jack???
    Tony.G: Well it’s not good, it’s good that you’re 50/50, that’s what i am

  2. great hand and great reaction from the table…but again,Shana body still
    the show for me,and i’m sick of it!

  3. I searched “On Your Bike Tony G” and this video came up because of that
    beautiful top comment.

  4. LOL! How can he not know that 22 is a favorite over AQ. I would expect
    anyone who has played for a couple of months to know that, and Phil has
    probably played for 25 years.

  5. obviously you don’t know about him winning his 13th bracelet and 2012 WSOPE
    main event? I guess not douchebag

  6. It’s difficult to gauge how someone is doing by watching youtube clips.
    Professionals play obscene amounts of poker whether it be on the net or at
    the casino

  7. Phil says it was a bad call with 22 for 4350 more. It cost him 4300 to win
    9900 and all he has to do is win 30.6% to break even based on BASIC pot
    odds. Is Hellmuth closed minded or does he not know basic math? Versus pair
    G will lose -1510 long-term and vs. over cards will win +2750 longterm and
    thus Phil needs to have pockets > 64% of the time for it be a folding hand.

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