For all Phil Hellmuth fans

Timothy Adams is an English professional player

He is a poker player who has World Series Poker title ship with his name. He is also a player who has many good records he was born in Brighton England. His love for poker game turned it in into passion for playing poker games. He was finally the WSOP winner in September 2010. Although, he likes to play poker, but he also likes to play golf. He won the first bracelet and made cashes of earning $197,470. He won the final championship against Sammy. The biggest cash he has won is about $301,789 till now.

He is a player who has been playing the world series of poker game since he was 21 year his experience in the game of poker is quite remarkable. When he was about the tricks and techniques he answered that he plays the poker not only for earning cashes, but he loves it has passion to play poker game. He considers each game of poker equally important. This makes him a great player in the game of poker. He is a professional poker player and also likes to play online poker games as well. Another hobby is that he likes to play card. He enjoys playing card for long duration on the internet.

One of thing that you can notice of Adams is that he is a poker player who large number of fan following due to his dressing sense, way he interacts and most important is style he plays the poker game. He has also participated in World Series of poker game. His way of playing poker game make him different poker player. He likes playing poker as well drinking and travelling to different location all around globe. He was teenage when he started playing poker. he grew up by watching and learning new techniques that he learned from experts of poker game.