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Steve Zolotow Record is Outstanding

Wagering may be termed as a risky and tough terrain; however, there are players who leverage it to wring out admirable sums of money alongside accolades. These players who demonstrate outstanding performance flatter their prominence to make them quasi-celebrities.

If there is a poker professional who cannot be downplayed in the list of fame is Steve Zolotow. He is based in Las Vegas and features two WSOP (World Series of Poker) gold bracelets. His resume is copious with WSOP play achievements that propelled him to the top-notch pedestal of globally-renowned players. He has an interesting record that one cannot jettison when weighing the best American players in the poker arenas. He is one of the players whom purists would love to rub shoulders with at the poker tables.

He first played at the WSOP in 1998 where he emerged 5th in the $2,500 PLO Main Event. He collected his bracelets at the $3000 PL Hold’Em main event and the Chinese Poker Tournament. He also had impressive results at the World Poker Tour Season II PartPoker Million Cruise where he placed 4th and earned $259,684. In the 2008 NBC Poker After Dark tournament he locked horns with top-notch players where he placed fourth and raked in $120,000. His play is principally pivoted on earning funds for his base. This has seen him surpass numerous gamblers who chase evasive trophies. Zolotow has siphoned off substantial amounts from the poker tournaments where he has been paid amazingly.

As of 2013, Zolotow entire live tournaments earnings were beyond $2,200,000. He has garnered forty-nine cashes at the WSOP that has seen him rake in $1,100,000. Viewed through a neutral prism, his resume is enriched with significant accomplishments. As a veteran in poker, his experience is a firm foundation for a prosperous career that lies ahead of him.