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PokerStars sign up Jason Somerville with new endorsement deal

PokerStars in spite of having left out several players it sponsored in the past few months has made a deal with Jason Somerville, poker professional, to designate him as an ambassador for its website.  It should be noted here that Somerville was earlier associated with Ultimate Poker, the Nevada based poker website. Due to the lack of enough footfalls the site closed last year.

Somerville had won a World Series Poker bracelet   in 2011, and totals a lifetime winning of $5.4 million in poker tournaments.    Somerville is a social media member and has been a livewire over there. He was also active in other platforms where he was producing contents relevant to poker.

In a statement Somerville said, “From what I had learned in the past years, relations of this kind are mostly for promoting both interests and not like the past where the poker player would be sporting a sponsor patch on him and working as a walking billboard for the other party.”   He also said that these are no more return of investment deals for the poker website.

This move has turned out to be important because PokerStars has very few American players on its Team Pro schedule. This is attributed to the website not operating from the US currently. Considering his immense talent as well as the time and energy he devotes for creating meaningful content for poker game, Somerville has been immune to the general rules that normally cover other players:  don’t be too depend on sponsorships as a player, at least not at present, because online poker in the United States needs to evolve more.

Jason Somerville is a resident of Long Island, New York and has earned a lifetime $3,879,547 in casino winnings. He has a career total of 14 titles and 115 career-cashes.