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PokerStars Galactic Series Awards €17 Million

PokerStars recently launched one of the biggest online poker series for people who became a part of the Southern European shared liquidity market. The new series known as the Galactic Series provided around 186 events last month for a sum of €16,973,768 as prize money, close to €2 million which is more than €15 million as the guaranteed amount. The series had drawn 50,612 players altogether with € million guaranteed and Main Event drew around 6,430 entries. The best part was that it was the biggest single event which hit the liquidity market. The French contingent proved that they had come to play. There were 5 French players who made it to the final table and out of which the top 4 finishers belonged to French.

There were a total of 42 events which French players won across the series and Spain claimed 30 event wins with Portugal having 20. The SpadeJack10 from Spain captured the title, which is the first one of the series by achieving the Sunday Warm-Up for €24,864. The Midnight Express event had a winner which was eduardo7673 who completed strong by achieving €6,988. In addition, there were other highlights of the successful event which included the Sunday Special. It did surpass €350,000 guarantee by over €20,000 and Super Thursday had a guaranteed amount of €150,000 which increased to €100,000. As far as the €10 Classico event is concerned, it was successful as it drew 15,000 entries in 3 editions of the Sunday.

As per PokerStars, the shared liquidity had a significant role to play in the success of the series. The director of Poker innovations and operations said sharing liquidity in these markets will give a chance to players to take part in the tournaments with bigger guarantees. He thanked players for the support rendered especially during the Main Event. The attendance numbers were in fact incredible.