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Pokernews hosts Deepstack events Live

Friday 29 this March 30, 2013 witnessed the beginning of the prestigious main event of the Poker Patriot Classic.The events were hosted at the Mohegan Sun. With $1,500 and its re-entry being unlimited, the  event gathered about $200, 000 as its guaranteed pool prize. The streaming of all the major events the games will be on the PokerNews website for a for a worldwide audience. The games are expected to attract a record breaking live audience from all over the world. This comes at time when poker games have taken the world by a storm and the Deepstack patriot poker classic being one the world, the turnout is expected to be breath taking.

The poker series with a total of 6 events officially raised its curtains on Wednesday 27th. The events are expected to come to an end next week on the 1st of April. The games that will be streamed live with the main event of about $1, 500 as the buy in which will be the prime of the games whose host will be  The event featured $200, 000 as its guaranteed pool prize and it will be hosted by theDeepstack’s, “Cre8ive”, and “The Mouth” and are expected to grace the events with spectacular play.

With the total number of events being 6,the games of are guaranteed and their buy ins will be ranging from $100 to about $1, 500. Despite this buy ins, this is not going to be an easy series for any of the players. This includes the pros that have joined the games. As the drama continues to unfold in the games, we and all poker news agents will be there to cover them for the audience around the world. Make sure you log on the pokernews website for the streaming of the games.