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Poker Tournament cancelled due to DDoS attack

A poker tournament worth $1 million on the WPN (Winning Poker Network) was cancelled. A scattered denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on its servers caused the cancellation. This made WPN the most recent poker website to be offended.

The attack on the servers caused various connectivity issues for the poker players which lead to the cancellation of the tournament by the company officials. It was major blow to WPN as it hoped to create the biggest poker tournament on a site in four years. It takes American players. WPN set to establish the event in view of the fact that the events of Black Friday made PokerStars, Absolute Poker and Full Tilt Poker out of the US market.

The WPN event was cancelled when it was still in its final registration period. All the players were reimbursed in compliance with network policy. The competition was scheduled on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm. The connectivity issue come into view just after that. The WPN tournament was suspended in minutes as the players complained of the server issues all through the event.

WPN primarily tried to let the event continue, since the website was operational. Phil Payton, the CEO however, decided to discontinue the event with the aim of being good for all players, predominantly in major contest such as this. The decision didn’t go well with all the players, in particular with those who were active the time the tournament was cancelled. Those players felt they ought to be compensated in some measure on the basis of their chip stacks.

It appears that the WPN tournament was cancelled at 8:30 pm, which is 5.5 hours later than it commenced and after hours of complaints from different players being not able to join to the website or drop out.