24 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth wins his 12th bracelet @ WSOP 2012 – Event 18 $2500 Seven Card Razz

  1. You can’t underrate a man’s past accomplishments just because the game’s changing. That’s like saying Phil Jackson is overrated because he won 9 of his 11 championships a decade ago.

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  5. You’re right about the grammar, but you’re wrong about Phil. He has completely reinvented his game and that’s why he is one of the few from the old guard that still competes regularly with the new generation of players. He had 3 second place finishes in 2011, and won a bracelet in 2012.

  6. what the hell do you know about what they show and dont show?
    where you there during the recording??
    it doesnt matter what they show and dont show, because when phil gets cleaned out or is losing money almost EVERY cash game they televise, that pretty much says it all.
    phil is probably the greatest tournament player to have ever lived, phil ivey even said so.
    but when it comes to high limit cash games he’s never gonna win until he realises that he is NOT the greatest in the world

  7. Phil is a good player but very overrated. You notice the majority of his NLHE bracelets won are before the poker boom. He hasn’t won a NLHE bracelet in 5 years and has only won 2 since 2003. He just can’t adjust to the new style of play that the online guys revolutionized. He’s too tight and predictable.

  8. Phil is the best. I don’t get why everyone says he is horrible at cash games. Where is the proof of this? They only show his losing hands on cash games.

  9. I know you fucking retard. But who cares why not? And it looks like its more than that. He didn’t want to be the one to actually give him the bracelet because hes a shy faggot.

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