3 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth White Belt Poker: Lesson 4 – Poker Etiquette

  1. bad etiquette lessons from a guy who insult people almost every hand he
    plays. dragomir put u back in ur seat loser and guess what noob he
    outlasted you… ahahha
    funny how he dont say “never call another player an idiot, a northen
    european idiot, fucking moron…”
    go home overrated pompus clown

  2. As much as people call Phil a dick and whatnot, he is a great player for
    the way he plays and for the way he respects the game.

  3. Lots of old men have an annoying habit of slow rolling, not on purpose I
    think, but because they just are slow people. Beginners can also be
    annoying when you always have to remind them when its time to show. Ok. But
    the worst, worst, worst offender is the guy who shows one card at a time
    for two pair, especially if you have Aces…ugh!!

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