21 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth Vs. Daniel Negreanu – major blow up

  1. why doesnt he just fucking fold? reraised pre flop more often than not
    means at least a decent Ace. Ive only ever see him do bad calls lmao

  2. in ur eg i’d sooner look like the happy donk juicin along with “KQ” or “JJ”
    with JTo; AK can have the scraps if at all, lol ;

  3. “I knew he was weak before the flop” ROFL hellmuth was dominated before the
    flop, fucking donkey

  4. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP ….. ” Good hand Daniel, good betting”

  5. despite playing bad he is multi millionaire from poker and keeps his cash
    tight. He must be something in the poker world, youtube vid posting his
    losses don’t do him justice.

  6. Phil Helmuth is so good at this, he should be able to make more money from
    his blow up video´s than from his pokerplay. If this would´nt be Youtube
    but TV, he would.

  7. I love how after his profanity-laden rant, he calmly says “Good hand,
    Daniel. Good betting”.

  8. Yea, you have that right. You don’t spell very good but I can sense that
    you are a good student of the game and you know that’s how you make money,
    beating A-A, K-K, Q-Q, and A-K. A-K is one of the most overrated hands in
    hold em. It’s like Doyle said, you either lose a big pot or win a small one.

  9. But I think he was just super mad at himself. He knew what was happening
    when that re-raise came, but he decided to gamble. Also, I think he
    respects Daniel; it’s when he looses to a bad player or gets beaten by a
    bad hand/bet he blows AT the other guy instead of himself.

  10. Ya just gotta luv it! A early position raise with a weak Ace! HA HA HA. I
    know Hellmuth is the best Hold em player in the world but it’s very
    instructional to see even the best Hold em player in the world lose a lot
    of chips with a hand they should have tossed in the muck to begin with.
    Imagine if the flop would have been A 10 4. He would have went broke.
    That’s like if you call a raise with A Q and the flop is A K Q and the
    raiser has what he is supposed to have, A K.

  11. Love the bleepfest – Phil Hellmuth, I shall go and watch a further 10 of
    your rants for more entertainment.

  12. It’s amazing how many “idiots” start off with better hands than Phil and
    beat him. Doesn’t that mean Phil is a Bleeping Idiot!

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