24 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth vs Chris Ferguson – Insane Bad Beat

  1. some people say poker is not about luck.
    oh well Ferguson chanted some ancient magic to get that 9 out

  2. Hellmuth actually played it right, bad luck that’s all.
    Two pairs wouldn’t be the best hand to play against a potential flush or
    straight, but he’s a pro so what can we say about it haha.

  3. What an unlucky bad beat for Phil Hellmuth, Had a straight on the turn and
    Chris had only 4 outs for a full house and hit it on the river. In poker,
    there are times when there are no right or wrong decision.

  4. I’ve never seen one person receive so many bad beats consistently. When
    Phil blows up its understandable, he runs so bad its insane. 

  5. Ferguson’s raise was bad – i think he raised afraid if another heart hit
    river and he let him get there but he is only getting raised by a better
    hand – hellmuth just shoves all in and doesnt whine so he has it. ha.

  6. Ferguson played it fine up until he check-raised the turn. There is no
    worse hand Helmuth would shove back with here. Fair enough if there isn’t a
    possible flush there, but never a call on that board.

  7. why is this an insane bad beat? I see so many TV bad beats where its runner
    runner with just 1 possible card each time that they need to hit. The odds
    of that is so much higher then 9% here…

  8. Ferguson awesome player man exactley my kind of style playing poker he is
    ”The Renegade” of poker GO Ferguson !

  9. If this was a cash game for 200k a piece or in the wsop & this happened
    then there wud of been lift off from phil

  10. Last year in Vegas I played 3 hours with a miniature vibrating dildo in my
    pee hole
    I never won very many hands but I came 14 times

  11. Where was the swearing? The ranting? The “I can’t believe he raised with
    9-2 honey!”

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