23 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth vs Adam Levy WSOP 2008

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  2. actually I was just giving you a proper analysis of the hand. And you know everything I said was true your simply being unreasonable you can tell by just looking at the video surely your smart enough to figure that out. no?

  3. Adam Levy had a very healthy stack of around 50 big blinds not sure what you mean by “high stacked”. he was getting 3 to 1 on his money after the flop with six outs to the stone cold nuts you have to be an idiot not to make that call. Also he knew if he hit his card he had great implied odds for phil to call. (which as you can tell he did) Also Adam Levy is a pros pro im pretty sure he knew wat he was doing. its not the same thing as an online freeroll were everyone sucks.

  4. This exact same thing just happened to me so I have to agree with phil. Who calls a raise with a fucking queen 10 when your not high stacked.

  5. @shoesize44 hellmuth had three 2nd place finishes at the wsop this season going 4 player of the season so shut up if u dont got ur facts rite

  6. Phil is top whiner…face it he made final tabls when 100 peeps entered a tourney…roothlus is the new star who does win big online tournaments…phil’s game is outdated ……sad person

  7. They change the dealed instantly after PH take a bad beat ‘cous it comes dangerous for him 🙂

  8. @MsMusicCreation Hellmuth is a punk and in this years main event Levy finished 12th. Did Hellmuth finish in the top twenty? I don’t think so…. Oh no, he finished 436th. Shut the hell up Phil Hellmuth. You are an asshole. Lol

  9. Wonder why phil hellmuth has 11 WSOP BRACLETS AND has won THE BIG ONE and adam levy has not come even close. 

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