25 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth tilting and ranting against Cristian Dragomir – WSOP 2008 ME

  1. “To YOU it’s poker, to ME this is my life!” That’s the key to
    understanding what’s in this guy’s head.

  2. Phil played this hand like an idiot because he made no attempt to disguise
    it. The comment ‘I think you have Ace Queen’ effectively turns his hand
    face up an gives Dragomir the green light to fire at any flop below a Queen.

  3. WTF is Phil complaining about? He had high pair and went all in because its
    obviously what Phil had. Phil guessed AA and AQ, meaning he had AK and
    Dragomir probably guessed that.

  4. Oh look a YouTube video where, yet again, everyone is smarter than a table
    of players who are deep into the WSOP ME. Thanks for explaining the hand
    guys, you’re all so insightful.

  5. Everyone knows that in poker sometimes the worst hands win or the bad plays
    win. This wasn’t even the worst play on the part of Dragomir. Phil should
    be embarrassed that was pathetic. He’s a pro player, there’s no way in hell
    he hasn’t seen something like that before. It happens in poker it’s part of
    the game.

  6. the only thing you can really do ismake sure you at least have some money
    left at the end, everything else (except facial expressions) is really just
    luck :/ (at least to me it is)

  7. He isn’t right at all. He was way out of line. Poker can be played any way
    any person wants to play it. You make money as a good or great player by
    capitalizing on people’s mistakes; but sometimes those ‘mistakes’ end up
    hitting and winning, which is fine–it’s what keeps the bad players coming
    back, unlike chess where a much better player always wins. Poker would be
    dead and unprofitable if players couldn’t win sometimes playing badly. And
    the play was not necessarily even bad. Phil is pathetic

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