24 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth Steaming Again After A Bad Beat By Phil Ivey

  1. gotta the love microstake geniuses saying hellmuth played it badly. “yeah i
    better not shove the turn with the 3rd nuts in case he has better”. damn
    some ppl are fucking dumb

  2. I’m confused here. What do they mean by bad beat? It sounds like they are
    making a case that Phil somehow made a bad bet. I can’t see that, seems
    like a great bet to me (disclaimer, I don’t know poker well). Aren’t there
    only two hands that can beat him, the 86 or a J8? So is that what they
    mean here by bad beat, that Phil was just really unlucky? 

  3. This is just a cooler. All you idiots saying phil could get away from this
    or find out where he’s at is an idiot. flopping a set and having it be no
    good is so fucking rare in poker you almost have to pay it off everytime. 

  4. Phil should 3-bet PF in that spot.

    The turn lead is so strong that many conservative players would get away
    from top set and most would just call. He doesn’t make anything on the
    river if he calls, unless Ivey also has a set and the board pairs.

    But the turn lead is just so strong that Ivey is very much polarized, so
    the shove, IMO anyway, is an error.

  5. For a guy like Phil to steam over hands like this is kind of hard to
    believe. I probably have 1/10 of his playing experience and I take these
    kinds of situations as “shit happens in poker” and just walk away and try
    and think of ways for me to improve as a player (and I have a lot of room
    to improve). Every time I see these Phil blow ups I’m thinking it’s more
    for show than anything else… at least that’s what I think and I am often
    wrong… lol

  6. After you play awhile, you realize that many hands are predestined
    disaster. The interesting thing here is that nobody wants to lend Phil any
    money. For all the people watching, this is the real thing. It’s a
    $100,000.00 loan, and Ivey doesn’t want to give Phil the loan. It’s kind of
    creepy of him asking Dwan to do it. Wow…….Real money. What Poker player
    really has any?

  7. These guys play each other all the time and ph overbet the turn. Should
    have raised to test the waters but not all in since ivy is very crafty at
    bluffing heads up play. Ivy most certainly would have just called. If a j
    pops up on river then ph’s all in move may have gotten ivy tO fold. He
    should have played it like he was drawing. 

  8. I don’t think this is a bad beat. This is just bad luck. Ivey flopped the
    nuts right when Helmuth flopped a set. It’s going to be hard to get away
    from that hand.

  9. not a bad beat…

    Phil h, should bet more preflop to get the crappy hands to fold..His bad
    play gave the pot to ivy

  10. Where does Tom get these odds from. Phil can hit a 10, 9, 7 or a 2, there’s
    one 10 left and three of each of the other cards left, so he’s right about
    how many outs he has. But there aren’t 44 cards left in the deck, 12 were
    dealt to the players around the table, 3 for the flop, 1 for the turn and 2
    burn cards. 52-12-3-1-2 = 34… odds are around 1:3.4…. am I right?? O_o

  11. Hellmuth isn’t even top 20 anymore
    People tune in to see him tilt when he takes yet another bad beat…that’s
    his only saving grace or otherwise if he wasn’t a hothead goof no one would
    care about his sloppy poker skills
    Daniel would’ve sniffed that straight but Hellmuth is blind all the time
    He misses his opponents strong hands and also their
    bluffs…fuck…everyone bluffs Hellmuth…lol
    His reading has fallen so far…. hes a joke whiny mark now

  12. This is a bad beat idiots. 10 10 beats 6 8 preflop and loses at the river.
    If Its no longer preflop, anything can happen. Ph should have taken down
    the pot preflop. Good chance ivy wont call a 3 bet preflop with His garbage
    6 8 off.

  13. That’s not a bad beat, that’s slowplaying. And I’m not surprised Hellmuth
    steamed because of that.

  14. I love Ivey and all, but he can be such a passive aggressive asshole
    sometimes. Not saying he acted like that at this table, but I’ve noticed it
    over the years.

  15. i know everybody in poker has illusions of being good at poker, thats
    normal.. but its still so funny.. xD all those youtube donks commenting on
    videos of pros.. little wannabes haha

    whats your earn/month in poker? at least there should be a + at the
    beginning hahahaha

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