25 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth RAISE SHOW at World Series Of Poker 2009!! worth to watch!

  1. I got to meet Hellmuth at the River Rock Casino in Richmond B.C. (Largest
    poker room in Western Canada). He was walking around the place and looked
    bigger than life. Say what you want about him , if you can be heard over
    the jingling of his 13 WSOP bracelets. The guy is Poker Royalty

  2. thats because poker tournaments have more money now…phil back in the 89
    when he won the wsop the prize was only 750.000…dwan hasnt still win a
    tournament…he is way too aggresive for tournaments.he is only good in tv
    cash games, because he tries to make sick plays just for the camera cause
    is a fucking tv show.from the other hand phil win tournament even now, and
    he is the only player who still wins after 30 years and after the game
    change so much.stop believing in tv dude

  3. @punk4rockorz That’s not what I said at all. I just found it highly amusing
    that random youtube guy thinks extremely successful Phil Hellmuth is a sad
    fuck and pointed it out.

  4. It’s you’re* And no, not easier back then to rack up the bracelets. Some,
    yes, but not always. If you play poker, you know that 1000 people to 6000
    people, you don’t play six times more hands. You’d probably play one and a
    half times more hands. Maybe two times. It’s not an even line with more

  5. Your right Phil only won like 700.00$ for his first bracelet. There was
    also only like 100 people in the tournament. These days you gotta beat
    6,000 players to win. It wa. Much easier back then to rack up the braclets.

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