25 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth outburst vs a Romanian at WSOP 2008

  1. Hellmuth is the biggest pussy in the history of poker. He can’t stand
    losing. You know he gets in for free. Damn he is butt hurt

  2. “to me this is my life” about sums up pathetic poker “pro’s” like Phil
    Hellmuth – just a bunch of socially inept retards with NO LIVES

  3. asa`i cu taranii astia de americani….tot timpu se cred superiori si le
    stiu ei pe toate…da in fond sunt niste analfabeti cretini.ma pis pe ei si
    pe tara lor de cacat.. si ce daca esti hellmuth? daca eram acolo ma pisam
    pe fata lui.

  4. To be honest…. 10 4 suited? Okay it’s suited, but that’s only good for a
    flush, bad hand for the odds of making a straight. I guess everyone just
    has their own style and some people just focus too much on ‘logical’ play.
    I play logical poker but if I get my ass bitten by anyone at the table,
    it’s by guys who play that type of hand. And I congratulate them for it.

  5. @hatealldayhabit Doesnt matter if he’s the king of the world. He can still
    be a arrogant SOB

  6. never said that man. I’m a big Helmuth fan, but he should stick to just
    playing poker and not talk during hands. When he doesn’t talk/tilt, he is
    one of the best.

  7. @hatealldayhabit By your logic: you don’t know me. Ergo, your not in a
    position to call me a crying punk. My previous point still stands.

  8. @smooveXXX Agreed, sad really! Like Dragomir said, he paid his 10g, let him
    gamble it away!

  9. Phil you shoud show some respekt to players, if that tournament played in
    romania we were looking to you to the hospital

  10. Why you all say that 10-4 are bad cards? You can’t stay and just wait to
    crack ACES or I don’t know what cards do you consider “good cards” to play
    a hand. In poker you don’t need to have good cards all the time. If you are
    good, you only must make your opponent think that you have a monstruous
    hand, and you take the pot, even with 10-4. Respect to Cristian.

  11. I think I just played a female version of Phil on PS… or, wait a minute!
    Maybe it was Phil.

  12. Everybody says “hellmuth is a pussy” but is a bad call from dragomir .. and
    we know that

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