25 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth folds QQ with 15 BBs

  1. That’s the dumbest lay down I’ve ever seen. He’s supposed to re raise with that hand or at the very worst smooth call

  2. @checkoutmymelody180 dude, I aint scared, It’s just something I do to reduce the chances of getting sucked out.

  3. @e27481 if you’re scared of getting sucked out on every time you have a big pocket pair you shouldn’t be playing poker.

  4. @checkoutmymelody180 and more people call that raise than you think. A lot of stupid people play poker.

  5. Actually when I play I play AA, KK, QQ, AK, and AQ the exact same way, I raise to between 3 and 5 big blinds depending on the blinds and reraise any reraise. This disguises when I have the aces and tricks other people into moving in when I have them crushed.

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  7. @wollibuster I’m pretty sure he has 11 bracelets, but his last one was in like.. 2002 or something. He isn’t that accustomed to the new breed of hold em player who gamble on chance a lot more than players did in the 80s and 90s when Phil was the King of Holdem

  8. Phil is so good at poker that he can figure out the only hands that can beat his hand.. unfortunately, he usually assumes the player he’s going against has that hand if they play aggressively. He needs to realize that sometimes people just take a chance aka.. gamble.

  9. that is the tightest laydown ever god… how does he accumulate chips at all to win these bracelets

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