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Lesniak Announces To Fight Governor Election

Sen. Ray Lesniak filed a paperwork at New Jersey State Election Law Enforcement Commission to fight election for the post of Governor. Mr. Lesniak is the man who made all the effort for the legalization of online poker in New Jersey’s 2013.

According to reports, Ray said, he is willing to replace outgoing Governor Chris Christie.

Mr. Lesniak said “This is a difficult battle, but I am not going to leave it, I believe that support of the people is with me, the recent election has shown that, one can go directly to the people and ask for vote if they have good reason to stand for.” Mr. Lesiak has not the only one contesting this election, but there are more than 12 people have filled the paper to contest the election of governor.

When Lesniak was fighting for casino and poker legalization in New Jersey, he told people that, he envisages, as the “Mecca of internet gaming”. It means that, Lesniak has plans to turn the Garden State into an international hub for poker and casino. It will be decided in the future, whether Lesniak will be elected as a governor or not, or the people of New Jersey really want their place to become the hub of online poker. But, his presence will give boost to online poker market this is very clear. And this is clearly a good news for poker industry as well as the poker players.

Nevertheless, gaming regulators of New Jersey in July, said that discussion for making such an arrangement in place have already begun with the United Kingdom. Compact like this require approval of the governor. As far as Lesniak is concerned, then he is the supporter a casino in North Jersey and sports books in Atlantic City.