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How did online poker become so popular?

Have you ever watched the World Series of Poker? If you haven’t then you won’t have to wait long before you stumble across it on the TV or online.

For those who have already seen the WSOP live from one of America’s grand casinos, you’ll know just how captivating live poker is to follow on the TV screen and why it has become so popular online over recent years.

Poker benefits from a combination of skill and chance that means you play it like a game but view it like a sport. When watching others play you’re allowed access to each individuals’ hole cards, meaning you the viewer know who has the strongest hand, who is bluffing and who has no chance at all.

This makes all the difference when watching poker on TV and has meant for the past 10 years fans have learned the traits of some of the WSOP’s biggest stars.

By watching the pros at work, many fans then turn to the online poker scene to replicate and try out those brave moves; for some this hobby has turned into a big-money occupation.

Players like Andrew Feldman and Luke Schwartz both started their careers as online amateurs in the UK and wouldn’t have made it to America’s live WSOP tables if they hadn’t seen the appeal on TV and opened an online account.

Through the growth of TV poker coverage poker, the online gaming community has exploded in popularity and where there was once a tight-knit group of dedicated gamers now thousands of people regularly play the tables for fun and for cash.

Betfair’s poker casino offers numerous tables, from good-old Texas Hold’em to Omaha, Seven Card Stud to Five Card and there is something for everyone in the online community meaning it’s a great place to learn how to play poker at Betfair.

Whether you’re a Phil Ivey fan and want to replicate his Omaha prowess, or are keen to learn how Greg Merson won two Texas bracelets at last year’s WSOP, online poker has been for the past 10 years the most popular way to develop those skills and the community is set to grow even larger in the future.