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Eli Balas

Eli Balas is an expert poker player from America and has his base at the betting city of Las Vegas. On April, 1992, he made his passage into the expert poker and secured the tenth opening in the fifth occasion of the twenty third yearly WSOP (World Series of Poker). He earned USD 3,975 and it was only a beginning. Thereafter, in that year he recorded one of his major triumphs in May, finishing up in the first position in the seventeenth round of the twenty third Yearly WSOP (World Series of Poker) and got prize cash of USD 122,400.

Eli Balas tuned in the challenge of Hall of Fame Poker Classic challenge and finished up the fourth spot securing prize cash of S10, 500. His poker profession throughout that time was on the surge. A year later in the year of 1995, the twenty sixth yearly WSOP (World Series of Poker) came as an opportunity for Eli Balas to demonstrate his backbone, and he finished it by getting the ninth opening in challenge no: 7. The accomplishment expedited him to procure a superb measure of USD 169,425. Balas hit the pinpoint center in 1999, securing the first position in challenge no: 13 of the thirtieth yearly WSOP (World Series of Poker). Eli Balas played insightfully and earned a fine measure of USD 174,440.

Eli Balas secured a by and large three arm ornament at the WSOP (World Series of Poker) and secured the second space in the 5 early on occasions of WSOP. He likewise participated in the WSOP tour that was directed on, TV bubble and was equipped to make into the last 2 tables of the Final Poker Challenge. He has been great in producing an enduring salary, and as on year 2008, his general income surpassed USD 1,300,000.

By and large Eli Balas has to his credit three wristbands and 24 cash finalizes. His 24 trade finalizes in for cold hard currency the World Series of Poker record, measures to USD 1,148,041 of his profit. With reliable play and understanding Eli Balas has scratched a spot in rundown of well-known poker players. Other than poker Eli Balas cherishes to drive, travel, investigate new places and invest time with his gang.