24 thoughts on “Daniel negreanu vs Phil hellmuth

  1. I use to like Phil Ivey…until he starts to talk. When he’s quite and giving you his stare..he’s a monster, the best,one of the most feared and respected, and respectable, poker player ever. With that said, once i started to listen to him actually speak. i dont know. my opinion changed. He’s just a degenerate gambler. People will argue that his poker winners are insane. I agree. but what they don’t show you is him losing to prop bets, Chinese poker, golf, craps. win 200k poker. lose 250k props.

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  3. in tournament play with a bunch of chumps, but Daniel has made way more money playing real poker against real players

  4. hes talking about his cash game and hes correct, everything daniel says is true., if you actually listen he says helmuth is a great tournament player. cash poker and tournament poker are whole different animals.

  5. Then why does Phil consistently get smoked by Daniel and Phil?

    Beating a bunch of internet whiz kids is one thing. He proves in these games he’s not on their level heads up.

  6. So true. Some pplayers have good media management and have little cliques that help to solidfy their image. If bracelets didn’t matter these mighty cash game players wouldn’t try to win them and advertise the fact they have won some. just like teams and sportsmen are judged on superbowls, slams, and majors etc. Hellmuth has 12 Bracelets…more than anyone, including, Chan, Brunson, seidel, ivey and negreanu.

  7. So why does Hellmuth have more bracelets?

    they wind Hellmuth up because they see that is a way to get to him and to play bad, it often works. Ivey is probably the best all round poker today no doubt but at hold-em, hellmuth is King. 12 Bracelets baby. Consistently the best Hold-em player in history is Hellmuth.

    you don’t have to like him, but facts are facts. If bracelets didn’t matter people wouldn’t try to win them. incuding negreanu and Ivey. just like superbowls, majors and slams.

  8. He clearly said as a cash player only.

    Daniel can play many games and styles. Phil only wins tourneys…..

  9. lol’ed

    Tournaments is playing tight and winning your flips when you need to while keeping your composure when you lose them. You haven’t played much poker have you?

  10. Daniel Negreanu has no business even saying something stupid like I don’t think he plays that well period. Seriously! 11 bracelets, and just last year he had three 2nd place finishes, so he was that close to a possible 14 bracelets. Then saying he’s only a good tournament player lol. Tournaments are what define greatness in poker, not cash games. Playing for cash is what gets you the buy ins into the big tournaments. Oh yeah and not to mention one of Phil’s bracelets is the 1989 main event!

  11. no hellmuth just ran bad. That can happen to any player. Ivey did lose almost 700 k on the last full tilt million dollar cash game show. but nobody notices that just when hellmuth loses. Ivey is not a great holdem player his game is plo and mixed games. Dwan got destroyed by isildur for almost 7 million. So to say these guys are better then hellmuth i ahven’t seen him lose that much on any session yet on tv. but just goes to show anyone can lose in cash games any time.

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