25 thoughts on “Daniel Negreanu: “People make mistakes against Phil Hellmuth”

  1. if that is your answer to “what do you do for fun?” it might be a warning sign

  2. cine vrea sa il ajut sa ia cei 10$ gratis de la poker strategy cu testu sau alte sfaturi sa dea add la id ciiiprian

  3. No. I agree he is a very strong tournament player and no one can deny this (a lot of people try but that’s bullshit). On the other hand he is kind of a terrible cash game player and not even close to the top guys. Same the other weays around with Tom Dwan.

  4. If u dont have the roll u must be not that good yet. If ur good and beat ur limit its easy to build ur roll in less than 10 days depends on how many tables u play at the same time and how much hours a day ur playing.

  5. I think Daniel is wrong when he says that Hellmuth is not doing it consciously. Everything Hellmuth does from the weird bet sizes to the speeches and even down to the clothing he wears, is calculated to change the way people play against them and take them off their game. Three top five finishes and one 1st place in the last five years in the WSOP POY standings shows that it is effective.

  6. Exactly how I play, but mix it up more, I’m that fucking good, just wish I had the roll to play higher stakes.

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