Minh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen was born on the 15th of May. He is a famous Vietnamese American by origin and is a proficient poker player. He is a WSOP bracelet champ for two consecutive times and living in Bell Gardens in California. Nguyen figured out how to play poker from his cousin Men Nguyen and has gone ahead to turn into a regular player on the poker competition circuit since the year 1999. Continue reading “Minh Nguyen”

Eli Balas

Eli Balas is an expert poker player from America and has his base at the betting city of Las Vegas. On April, 1992, he made his passage into the expert poker and secured the tenth opening in the fifth occasion of the twenty third yearly WSOP (World Series of Poker). He earned USD 3,975 and it was only a beginning. Thereafter, in that year he recorded one of his major triumphs in May, finishing up in the first position in the seventeenth round of the twenty third Yearly WSOP (World Series of Poker) and got prize cash of USD 122,400.

Eli Balas tuned in the challenge of Hall of Fame Poker Classic challenge and finished up the fourth spot securing prize cash of S10, 500. His poker profession throughout that time was on the surge. A year later in the year of 1995, the twenty sixth yearly WSOP (World Series of Poker) came as an opportunity for Eli Balas to demonstrate his backbone, and he finished it by getting the ninth opening in challenge no: 7. The accomplishment expedited him to procure a superb measure of USD 169,425. Balas hit the pinpoint center in 1999, securing the first position in challenge no: 13 of the thirtieth yearly WSOP (World Series of Poker). Eli Balas played insightfully and earned a fine measure of USD 174,440.

Eli Balas secured a by and large three arm ornament at the WSOP (World Series of Poker) and secured the second space in the 5 early on occasions of WSOP. He likewise participated in the WSOP tour that was directed on, TV bubble and was equipped to make into the last 2 tables of the Final Poker Challenge. He has been great in producing an enduring salary, and as on year 2008, his general income surpassed USD 1,300,000.

By and large Eli Balas has to his credit three wristbands and 24 cash finalizes. His 24 trade finalizes in for cold hard currency the World Series of Poker record, measures to USD 1,148,041 of his profit. With reliable play and understanding Eli Balas has scratched a spot in rundown of well-known poker players. Other than poker Eli Balas cherishes to drive, travel, investigate new places and invest time with his gang.

Best player of the poker history

According to poker stats, Phil Hellmuth has won total 13 WSOP bracelets and $18 million as total winning amount. His stats clearly explain why he is ranked number one poker player in the gambling history. According to Hellmuth, he is truly luck that he is doing so wonderful in the poker world. He is traveling all around to participate in live poker tournaments. His favorite location is Las Vegas where he has claimed millions of dollars. Hellmuth truly loves playing poker and it has become his regular source of income from past few years. He never takes his success for granted.

Hellmuth has become centre of attraction in the poker world since 1989 when he has won World Championship as the youngest player. At that time, he was just 24 years old. It is unbelievable but Hellmuth has made total 49 WSOP final tables till now. There is no doubt that he has struggled a lot to maintain his focus. Now he is the most successful poker player in the world all around. Problems are common in the life of successful people. To come at the top, you have to ignore all these problems. Recently, you can notice some happening players giving tough competition to legend players.

According to Phil Hellmuth, there is lots of fun and excitement in his life and this is all because of poker only. When you are playing game, keep your ego away from it. You have to be fully focused to win any game. Poker is a game of skills and luck together. You have to enough lucky and skilled to become a player. Hellmuth has won 13th bracelet but he knows very well how to manage his professional and personal life together. We are looking for a deep run from this wonderful player in near future also.

John Duthie

Born in Leeds, Yorshire, John Duthie played poker at a very tender age. What began as a hobby became a full time profession for him. Though he spend most of his adolescent life with the television industry, he still had his heart set for the game of poker. This is the reason why he has been a successful player of all times. Though he spent a lot of his time in the television industry, he still managed to find time for his favorite pass time – poker. He has won many acclamations in the film industry and this took him to the top of the virtual world. It had been a life full of passion for him in this field and made his life.

Though he did a lot of shows as a director and producer, he did not in any way leave his passion for the game of poker. He has played and won many cash games and this has been a great supplement for his income. His earnings from the game kept on increasing and he kept on increasing his earnings and this made him a force to be reckoned with in the field of poker. From one tournament to another, he played and won. His list of wins is an impressive tally and this makes his a player to be reckoned with in this field.

His first major win came when he played in a series of tournaments in London and this was the beginning of a pattern which continued for a long time. Year on year, he left an impressive trail of games which made many records in his name. He has adorned the final tables of many events all over the world and this made him a popular player in the circuits. His interest in the game has never waned and this is the reason why he has been winning consistently

Most Competitive Poker Player

Phil Hellmuth was born on the day of 16th July, 1964, in Madison, Wisconsin. Phil created history by winning title of the World Series of Poker Main Event at very young age of 24. He was the first youngest player to win title of this event. Apart from that, Phil won this title by defeating Johnny Chan; Johnny won the title of WSOP Main Event earlier two times. Phil has gathered 10 number of bracelet from WSOP, this is a record. Among the bracelets he won, majority of them are from Texas Hold’Em event. He has winning skills in many of the other events as well. He did well at the World’s Biggest Seven Card Stud Tournament held at Austria. Many of the Phil’s peers have voted him as the world’s best poker player all around the tournament in the year 1996.

He is known in the world of poker as Poker Brat, for the good reason. Many players did not like his arrogant nature and attitude. He frequently makes fun of opponent’s skills; and has high tendency power to erupt on a bad beat. Phil shaved his head in the year 2002, due to losing bet with Robert Varkonyi, Phil said that he will not be able to win the WSOP Main Event. But Varkonyi won the event and so Phil needed to make his wager good.

Phil has his own business; he said that, he can probably make around $400 million in a year, without playing any hand on poker tables. He has written four books on poker named: “Texas Hold’Em and The Greatest Poker Hands Ever Played”, “Bad Beats and Lucky Draws”, “Play Poker Like The Pros” and one his autobiography named “Poker Brat”. Phil has featured in many of the video games and poker videos. Phil took over hosting of one of the most famous show Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown in the year 2006. Phil plays exclusive online games on Ultimate Bet.

How did online poker become so popular?

Have you ever watched the World Series of Poker? If you haven’t then you won’t have to wait long before you stumble across it on the TV or online.

For those who have already seen the WSOP live from one of America’s grand casinos, you’ll know just how captivating live poker is to follow on the TV screen and why it has become so popular online over recent years.

Poker benefits from a combination of skill and chance that means you play it like a game but view it like a sport. When watching others play you’re allowed access to each individuals’ hole cards, meaning you the viewer know who has the strongest hand, who is bluffing and who has no chance at all. Continue reading “How did online poker become so popular?”