PokerStars Galactic Series Awards €17 Million

PokerStars recently launched one of the biggest online poker series for people who became a part of the Southern European shared liquidity market. The new series known as the Galactic Series provided around 186 events last month for a sum of €16,973,768 as prize money, close to €2 million which is more than €15 million as the guaranteed amount. The series had drawn 50,612 players altogether with € million guaranteed and Main Event drew around 6,430 entries. The best part was that it was the biggest single event which hit the liquidity market. The French contingent proved that they had come to play. There were 5 French players who made it to the final table and out of which the top 4 finishers belonged to French.

There were a total of 42 events which French players won across the series and Spain claimed 30 event wins with Portugal having 20. The SpadeJack10 from Spain captured the title, which is the first one of the series by achieving the Sunday Warm-Up for €24,864. The Midnight Express event had a winner which was eduardo7673 who completed strong by achieving €6,988. In addition, there were other highlights of the successful event which included the Sunday Special. It did surpass €350,000 guarantee by over €20,000 and Super Thursday had a guaranteed amount of €150,000 which increased to €100,000. As far as the €10 Classico event is concerned, it was successful as it drew 15,000 entries in 3 editions of the Sunday.
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Poker Pub Crawl To Raise Money For Locals

The sixth-annual Black Hills Home Builders Association Poker Pub Crawl Fundraiser (BHHBAPPCF) will take place on Saturday and will happen between 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.

A released has been published by the (BHHBAPPCF) and according to the release the association support members of the Rapid City community (RCC) who are struggling tragic life circumstances or with health. In 2017, the just past year, the association raised the fund of $25,000 for Mark Schuh and Jordyn Bruski.
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Dominik Nitsche, The 888poker Ambassador Wins Biggest Score Of Career At WSOPE

Earlier this week, 888poker Ambassador Dominik Nitsche raced to the top of a star-studded field of 88 unique entrants, who made 44 re-entries between them, in the €111,111 High Roller for One Drop event at the 2017 World Series of Poker Europe festival.

This latest win was Nitsche’s fourth in a WSOP event, meaning Nitsche now has four WSOP bracelets to his name. The talented German’s previous three bracelets came from wins in $1,000 no-limit hold’em events, so the €111,111 buy-in here made it extra special for Nitsche, as did the monster-sized €3,487,463 he took home as a prize.
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Timothy Adams is an English professional player

He is a poker player who has World Series Poker title ship with his name. He is also a player who has many good records he was born in Brighton England. His love for poker game turned it in into passion for playing poker games. He was finally the WSOP winner in September 2010. Although, he likes to play poker, but he also likes to play golf. He won the first bracelet and made cashes of earning $197,470. He won the final championship against Sammy. The biggest cash he has won is about $301,789 till now.

He is a player who has been playing the world series of poker game since he was 21 year his experience in the game of poker is quite remarkable. When he was about the tricks and techniques he answered that he plays the poker not only for earning cashes, but he loves it has passion to play poker game. He considers each game of poker equally important. This makes him a great player in the game of poker. He is a professional poker player and also likes to play online poker games as well. Another hobby is that he likes to play card. He enjoys playing card for long duration on the internet.

One of thing that you can notice of Adams is that he is a poker player who large number of fan following due to his dressing sense, way he interacts and most important is style he plays the poker game. He has also participated in World Series of poker game. His way of playing poker game make him different poker player. He likes playing poker as well drinking and travelling to different location all around globe. He was teenage when he started playing poker. he grew up by watching and learning new techniques that he learned from experts of poker game.

Vitaly Lunkin, a professional player of poker

Vitaly Lunkin is a Russian poker player and has born in Moscow. He is a professional player of poker. He won two bracelets in the WSOP Main event. He is a famous player of Russia. From 2006, he started playing poker in the ‘World Series of Poker’ main event and in his first main event he finished in 829th place. In ‘Hold’Em Poker’ event of 2008, he won his first bracelet, as well as earned cash prize of $629,417. In 2009, he won his bracelet in Hold’Em event and earned cash prize of $1,891,018. In this event of 2008, he finished in 40th place. He won ‘Russian Poker Tournament’. As he is professional poker player, he works as poker trainer in Moscow. He cashed 25 times in WSOP main event.

Till 2014, his total of winning cash prize becomes more than $5,500,000. He finished in the final table 5 times in WSOP Main event. In WSOP Main event of 2013, he finished in 46th place. He has no records in World poker tour. He won Title in European poker tour. He cashed 6th times in European Poker Tour events. He finished in the final table 3 times in European poker tour. He is a quiet player. His dressing style, as well as playing style, is very simple. He is very successful player of poker in Europe. He also works as a professional teacher of poker in Russia.

In the ‘World Championship’ event, he finished in 2nd place as well as won cash prize of $419,832. Mostly he won cash prizes in WSOP as he earned total cash of $3,768,193 in the WSOP Main events which is more than half of total cash prizes of poker events. He is a regular player of the WSOP main events, but he played only few ‘World Poker Tour’ events. He spends most of his time in teaching the poker game to peoples in Moscow and plays ‘European Poker Tour’ and ‘World Series of Poker’ games.

Patrick Antonius has Outstanding Aptitude in Moves

Players who are well acquainted with poker will admit that the game gets more tough and electrifying as you move from a small bankroll to High Roller events. This is because at High Roller pokers, a multitude of professionals always seek to give a breakthrough shot, thus, there not even a fighting chance for incompetents. But every upcoming poker pro has a special tactic upon which his prosperity in the game is hinged on. A trawl at the pros in the 21st century takes you to the US where most of the top-notch players hail from. But Patrick Antonius is a complete illustration of the opposite; he is from Finland, Helsinki and plays with exceptional skill that can only be described as superior. He has leveraged on online opportunities to get various winning titles alongside substantial cash as his prizes.

His profoundest accomplishment came on 2005 when he won a third place at the $66k Ladbrokes Scandinavian championship. He was also 3rd in the EPT getting $340 and placed 2nd at the WPT to walk away with $1,045,000. With the wins at the competitive circuits flooded by numerous pros and experts, his accomplishments are commendable. The accomplishments have placed him in the list of top-notch players. Patrick is keen and active in online poker where he bets high stakes and plays mostly at the Full Tilt Poker where he has garnered more than 1.2m for his total winnings. Online games are tough; winning a single game requires multiple hand plays and aggressive play that aims at taking down the final table.

His future plans are insidious as his play which he has concentrated on the internet at the behest of live events. Patrick Antonius was ranked by Poker Listings among the top-notch players online and has amassed thousands by winning various games in the games. His accomplishments should incline him for high profile tournaments like the WCOOP, EPT, or WPT to get global attention. One can only surmise that his tactics and strategies are predisposed to enrich his bankroll while championships will not elude him.