Proud moment for Anton Wigg

Anton has just broken up with his girl friend and it was a downsizing period for him. In this situation, Sunday millions was a perfect time for Anton Wigg where he has turned €50 into millions. Suddenly, one Sunday Anton decided to play online tournaments at Internet café. Initially he started with few cashes but after sometime he was able to manage millions by small investment. During Sunday tournament, he was awarded as chip leader and he was able to manage the final table with his incredible performance. After his winning, he is planning to visit different locations in his rental car.

According to his statement, it is necessary to follow some strategies to win the poker game. Always play the game calmly not aggressively. Try to understand the rules of game closely. You should know how to play the bigger pots to become a winner. At the same time, it is necessary to understand mathematics fundamentals of the game. He knows very well how to play the game and how to keep the things together. You should know how to deal with the situation when game goes tougher. There is no full stop to learning. From every game, you will learn something better from past games.

Anton Wigg is very much passionate about his play and he plays game excitedly. It is very clear that motivated player always score better as compared to frustrated one. He is very quick in making high profit adjustments. According to Anton Wigg, every player who is giving 100 percent should be respected and treated well by young players. There are lots of things that we can learn from experienced players. With hard work and passion, it is possible for the players to manage in the long run. We are hoping good stats from Anton Wigg in the future also.