Most Competitive Poker Player

Phil Hellmuth was born on the day of 16th July, 1964, in Madison, Wisconsin. Phil created history by winning title of the World Series of Poker Main Event at very young age of 24. He was the first youngest player to win title of this event. Apart from that, Phil won this title by defeating Johnny Chan; Johnny won the title of WSOP Main Event earlier two times. Phil has gathered 10 number of bracelet from WSOP, this is a record. Among the bracelets he won, majority of them are from Texas Hold’Em event. He has winning skills in many of the other events as well. He did well at the World’s Biggest Seven Card Stud Tournament held at Austria. Many of the Phil’s peers have voted him as the world’s best poker player all around the tournament in the year 1996.

He is known in the world of poker as Poker Brat, for the good reason. Many players did not like his arrogant nature and attitude. He frequently makes fun of opponent’s skills; and has high tendency power to erupt on a bad beat. Phil shaved his head in the year 2002, due to losing bet with Robert Varkonyi, Phil said that he will not be able to win the WSOP Main Event. But Varkonyi won the event and so Phil needed to make his wager good.

Phil has his own business; he said that, he can probably make around $400 million in a year, without playing any hand on poker tables. He has written four books on poker named: “Texas Hold’Em and The Greatest Poker Hands Ever Played”, “Bad Beats and Lucky Draws”, “Play Poker Like The Pros” and one his autobiography named “Poker Brat”. Phil has featured in many of the video games and poker videos. Phil took over hosting of one of the most famous show Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown in the year 2006. Phil plays exclusive online games on Ultimate Bet.