Bad Phil Hellmuth Vs Good Matusow

Phil Hellmuth has become a legend who has made it to the top because he has trained himself to be great and a success. Hellmuth took part in Day 1C, resulting in him joining the 2,030 other players from his opening day and Day 1A. Those two sets of first-day survivors were due back in the Rio on Monday, but Hellmuth somehow convinced himself that he was scheduled to start this evening’s Day 2B session. Poker assumed enemies have made poker tables a place to express power and dominion which was what happened when Hellmuth and Matusow met on a tournament. But he has Matusow to thank for his tournament life as, although they sometimes appear to be enemies at the table, his good friend alerted security – as well as the world’s poker fans via Twitter – that Hellmuth was notable by his absence. The absence of Hellmuth in that game would have been a colossal waste of time and money to him.

This was when Matusow decided to do something that Hellmuth would forever be grateful for. The 43-year-old obviously tried his hardest to get in touch with Hellmuth but believed his efforts had been in vain, stating on Twitter that he was “sorry” that Hellmuth’s WSOP was going to end “this way” – even though he had asked hotel staff to “ring inside your room with a do not disturb sign on it”.

And finally, he got Matusow’s attention

Hellmuth added that he was surprised by the intrusion, adding that he asked: “What’s going on?!?”, before a security guard said: “You’re playing in the World Series of Poker today”.

Hellmuth added that he jumped “out of bed”, got dressed to “run down to my car. Didn’t know you could drive 75 on side roads!! Thought I played Day 2 Tuesday… How wrong he was!”