Will Delaware legalize online gambling?

Everybody knows that the United States made online gambling illegal to back in 2006 but there have been some talks that Delaware might be the first date to bring online gambling back. Can you can play poker online now a bowl with all the gains they have to be run by offshore companies. While the U.S. Federal government does not approve of this course of action they usually do not go after the U.S. citizens are gambling online.

This is a very bizarre situation with online gambling and Americans. They are able to play online poker for money but they are run by no legal offshore company. If this is not a bizarre situation then what is. Loveman from the federal government says that we should not be able to invest in a company that is not allowed in the US. If you are going to gamble online we should be able to have companies that offer this service in the states.

Loveman estimates that under Federal regulations if Delaware is to legalize online casinos the U.S. poker industry could break in anywhere from six billion to 8 billion dollars each year. On an estimate on if each state legalized online casino gambling they would make a revenue of 2 to 3,000,000,000 dollars their first year, or thats what poker players such as Ivan Demidov and Jerry Yang argue.

The Federal government will make annual revenue of a 15% of all sales generated by online poker. The only bad thing about this is states are having a very hard time getting the approval they need. The state senator of California cancel the hearing to legalize online gambling because he said that they did not have enough votes to you even get out of the committee. Indian casinos in local clubs have big concerns about the state’s regulating online poker.

Nevada is one of the states that are very close to passing online poker. Nevada’s State gaming board gave valley technologies a unanimous recommendation to start developing interactive gaming licenses across state. Bally industries is the first to be licensed and by the board but it still faces many other obstacles before they can develop then online poker website. Bally is going to be in front of the board later on this month.

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