Federation says teach poker in school

Anthony Halden who is the President of International Federation of Poker as well as writer and poker player has asked for UK schools to set up poker as a part of the curriculum.

Halden considers that British school going kids will gain from the game of poker the way New York’s Henry Street School for International Studies. Poker was included in schools as an extra-curricular activity since the year 2007.

The author of Big Deal stated that the Henry Street project has achieved something ground breaking by educating schools in the game of poker. This project is expected to create a stir among educators. “The Henry Street project has broken new ground and I am hopeful that educators in the UK and elsewhere will sit up and take notice.

An important change will occur in the academic sector as it will teach youngsters wide range of lessons starting from the talent of reading the mind which is necessary to do all kinds of negotiations. The ability to calculate probability quickly is also what is taught to the young children.

Poker like other mind games is an important constituent of education system. It supports the development and expansion of memory power. A structured mind and the ability to conduct reasoning are done. It is believed that this game inculcates a positive behavioral trend amongst the students. The International Federation of Poker which was established in the year 2009 helped to promote the game of poker as a mind sport.