After the World Poker Tour Paris National Series’ Day 2A that was noted by the qualifying of twenty-three poker players for the third day; the remaining survivors from the first day, 109 players assembled for the Day 2B yesterday. Among these poker players we see popular faces like Olivier Chaignard, Emeline Her, Tristan Clemencon, Anthony Lellouche and Jean Paul Pasqualini.

After some levels of playing, over half of the pack fell like Hemeline Her, Jean Paul Pasqualini, Tristan Clemencon and Antony Lellouche and there were only twenty-nine survivors. On the eve of the third day, Alexandre Viard is sitting at the top of world ranking with a deal of 528,000 chips followed by Remi Le Meur (473000 chips) and Clement Bonin (384000 chips) in the top three of the chip count of the day.

Out of twenty-nine poker players who survived that day, there were Davidi Kitai (323000 chips), Antoine Saout (283000 chips), Benoit Botteau (206000 chips), Peter Drochon (187000 chips), Marc Inizan (62000 chips) and Jean Daligault (49000 chips).

These twenty-nine players will participate by the twenty-three qualifies players from Day 2A. Therefore, Day 3 will assemble fifty-two survivors from the second day of which forty will go into the money list. At the beginning of the third day, Alexandre Viard is the chip leader of the Day 2A as well as 2B followed by Jean Luc Voyer, Clement Bonin, Bruno Soutavong, Enjoubault Jacques, Shinya Shimada, Franck Boyer, Nicolas Cardyn, Remi Le Meur and Yann Detychey.